Case of May 2012


Clinical History:

An 46 years old lady presented with progressive bradykinesia, rigidity, and gait difficulty for 2 years. Patient did not response to treatment, and subsequently demonstrates symptoms progression with new onset of orthostatic hypotension and urinary retention.
MRI brain was performed to rule-out organic cause. 

May 12 - Pic 1a May 12 - Pic 1b

T2-weighted axial images

May 12 - Pic 2a May 12 - Pic 2b

T2-weighted axial FLAIR images

May 12 - Pic 3a May 12 - Pic 3b

T1-weighted axial image.

May 12 - Pic 4a May 12 - Pic 4b

Diffusion weighted image and ADC map