Case of November 2008


Clinical History:

A 33 years-old-man presented with 6-months history of low back pain and right lower limb weakness. There was no fever, constitutional symptoms or previous traumatic insult. Physical examination was unremarkable. No lower limb neurology or sphincter disturbance. He had past history of pineal germinoma at the age of 17, and was treated with debulking surgery and RT(cranial and spinal). Currently the disease was in remission.

Plain radiographs and MRI of the lumbar spine were performed.

Nov 08 - Pic 1

XR-LS-spine (frontal)

Nov 08 - Pic 2a Nov 08 - Pic 2b

T1W Sagittal

Nov 08 - Pic 3a Nov 08 - Pic 3b

T2W Fat suppression Sagittal

Nov 08 - Pic 4a Nov 08 - Pic 4b

T2W FS Coronal

Nov 08 - Pic 5a Nov 08 - Pic 5b

T1W Axial

Nov 08 - Pic 6

T2W FS Axial