Application Forms & Fees


Application forms can be obtained with a written request to the Membership Committee.


Written request should be sent to the College secretariat office by email at or by fax at (852) 2554 0739 or by post to Hong Kong College of Radiologists, Room 909, 9/F, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Jockey Club Building, 99 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong SAR.


In order to allow sufficient time for the Secretariat to prepare meeting papers, application(s) must be received by the College Secretariat office on or before the first working day of each month. Application(s) received after the first working day of each month will only be processed for vetting in the Membership Committee Meeting in the subsequent month.


The applications will be initially vetted by the Membership Committee.  Only complete application(s) will be subsequently recommended to the Council for approval.  The admission date of Fellowship / Membership / Trainee Membership / Associate Membership will be the date of the College Council meeting at which the admission is approved.  Incomplete or inaccurate application will be rejected by the Membership Committee and returned to the applicants for amendments and re-submission.  An administrative handling fee of HK$300 per re-submission would be charged for vetting the re-submitted application.


The re-submitted application will only be processed for vetting in the Membership Committee Meeting in the same month provided that applicant has returned the complete application with all necessary documents and administrative handling fee for re-submission within 1 week as requested in the letter.  Otherwise the re-submitted application will be deferred to the next Membership Committee Meeting for vetting in the subsequent month.


Please note that applications not authenticated by the required supporting documents will delay the processing procedures.  Before submitting the application form for Fellowship/ Membership/ Trainee Membership/ Associate Membership, applicants are reminded to read the Guidance Notes for Applicants carefully and to ensure that all documents are in order.  Submission of incomplete and inaccurate application might affect the training duration and postponement of sitting the examination.



Hong Kong College of Radiologists Subscription & Fee

(Effective from 1 April 2016)


Subscription and Fees Admission Fee
Annual Subscription


Full Subscription


1) Fellows

This admission fee for Fellows is applicable when a Member or Associate Member applies to be Fellow and be accepted as Fellow.







2) Members

This admission fee for Members is applicable when a Trainee Member applies to be Member within 2 months after completing Part I Examination and be accepted as Member. Otherwise the admission fee as stipulated in the following notes, 1 a (i), (ii), 1 b (i) (ii) will apply.

1,000 1,500
3) Trainee Members 1,000 1,000
4) Associate Members 5,000 2,000


Reduced Subscription

5) Fellows reaching the age of 70 or more



6) Fellows reaching the age of 65 or more N/A 1,000

7) Retired Fellows

Have reached the age of 55 and retired from remunerative radiological practice


8) Fellows with financial hardship To be considered on individual basis


Fellows/Members/Trainee Members/Associate Members residing overseas are treated as Local

Subscription as Cat.

A 1, 2, 3 & 4



9) Reinstatement of Fellowship

Reinstatement fee HK$ 20,000

10) Reinstatement of membership (including Member, Trainee Member, Associate Member but except Fellow) Reinstatement fee HK$ 10,000


The Trainee Members are encouraged to change their membership early to the status of Member. Special concession will be given to the Member and Associate Member when they are eligible to apply for Fellow.


Conditions applied


  • This table of subscription and admission fees are subject to the following conditions:
    1. For Trainee Member:
      • Trainee Member applies to be a Member more than 2 months after completing Part I Examination : the admission fee will be HK$4,000.
      • Trainee Member applies to be a Member after completing Part II Examination: the admission fee will be HK$15,000.
    2. For Non-member applies to be a Member directly
      • For candidate passed Part I but has not completed Part II, the admission fee will be HK$6,000.
      • For candidate completed Part II, the admission fee will be HK$15,000.
    3. For Associate Member applies to be a Fellow directly, the admission fee will be HK$10,000.
  • Applications for reduced subscription will be considered only upon submission of completed Application Form for Reduced Subscription. Applications for reduced subscription shall be at the discretion of the Council of HKCR.
  • All applications for reduced subscription can be made when the applicant is expecting to reach the required age in the coming/current subscription year*. All reduced subscription will be effective from the coming/current subscription year after approval of application.
  • All subscriptions will be subject to a surcharge if settled after 31st March of the subscription year. Please refer to the schedule in collecting subscriptions and handling outstanding subscriptions for details.
  • Any amendments in fees and subscription can be made according to the Constitution and By-laws without prior notification of those affected.
  • All payments are non-refundable.


* Subscription Year is counted as calendar year from 1st January to 31st December.