This booklet includes the General Guidelines on Basic Training (Radiology), General Guidelines on Higher Training (Radiology), and Specific Guidelines on Higher training in General Radiology and various Subspecialties. The Guidelines were first introduced in July 2001 and revised in July 2006 and November 2011 respectively. In light of the fast development of radiology, the College finds it necessary to update its guidelines and regulations on training. The Training Accreditation Subcommittee (Radiology) was set up in September 2016 and one of its mandates was to update the Training Regulations and Requirements.


The composition of the Subcommittee is as follows:



Chairman Dr. Y C Wong
Honorary Secretary

Dr. Stephen KY Kwok


Dr. Stephen CW Cheung

Dr. Raymond TM Chan

Dr. Timothy YW Hon

Dr. PP Iu

Dr. WK Kan

Prof. Ann King

Dr. HS Lam

Dr. Lilian Leong

Dr. Johnny KF Ma

Dr. WL Poon

Dr. SW Sim


15 Working Groups were formed under the Training Accreditation Subcommittee (Radiology) in updating of the guidelines of various subspecialties. Each Working Group comprised radiologists who were trainers of the corresponding subspecialty. The Working Group collected suggestions and consolidated opinions from existing training centres to revise the training guidelines.


The members of the Working Groups are:


General Radiology

Stephen CW Cheung, Danny HY Cho, WL Poon, YC Wong*


Breast Radiology

Helen HL Chau, Jeffrey LF Chiu, Eliza PY Fung, HS Lam*, Tina PW Lam, Wendy WC Wong, YC Wong


Cardiovascular Imaging

Stephen CW Cheung*, Jeffrey KT Wong, YC Wong


GI & Hepatobiliary Radiology

CC Chan, LF Cheng, YC Ho, Esther MF Wong, WK Wong*, YC Wong


Head & Neck Radiology

Jennifer LS Khoo*, Jeffrey KT Wong, YC Wong


Musculoskeletal Radiology

Winnie SW Chan, KC Lai, James Griffith, NY Pan, KF Tam, Joyce SW Wong, YC Wong, MK Yuen*



PP Iu, Raymand Lee, Sherwin SW Lo, WL Poon*, YC Wong


Obstetrics & Gynaecology Radiology

MT Chau*, YC Wong


Paediatric Radiology

Winnie CW Chu, Elaine YL Kan, Jennifer LS Khoo, Wendy WM Lam*, HY Lau, Dilys CY Lui, Sunny KS Tse, YC Wong


Thoracic Radiology

Sonia HY Lam*, YC Wong


Vascular & Interventional Radiology

James CS Chan, Danny HY Cho, Ferdinand SK Chu, Philip CH Kwok*, Warren KW Leung, Johnny KF Ma, SW Sim, Jimmy CW Siu, Simon CH Yu, YC Wong


Computed Tomography

Timothy YW Hon, YC Wong*


Magnetic Resonance Imaging

YC Wong*, CM Lee


Radionuclide Imaging

WH Luk*, WT Ngai, YC Wong



YC Wong*


Date: 20 October 2016


* Coordinator


Details are described in the following documents:

General Guidelines on Basic Training (Radiology)

- Version in 2006

- Version in 2011

- Version in 2016

- Version in 2020


General Guidelines on Higher Training (Radiology)

- Version in 2006

- Version in 2011

- Version in 2016

- Version in 2020


Specific Guidelines on Higher Training (Radiology)