Case of August 2011


Clinical History:

An 11 years old girl presented with recurrent swelling at right parotid region for a few months (about 7 episodes in 6 months). The size of swelling fluctuated throughout each episode, but never returns to normal during the quiescent periods. Her oral hygiene was satisfactory and there was no history of dental caries or extraction. The episodes were not associated with febrile illness. Initial ultrasound examination of the parotid gland showed no focal mass, stone or dilated ductules. Contrast CT scan of the face was eventually arranged for the provisional clinical diagnosis of recurrent parotitis. X-rays were taken after the CT examination.

Post-contrast CT images

Aug 11 - Pic 1a Aug 11 - Pic 1b

Coronal and sagittal CT images (Bone window):

Aug 11 - Pic 2a Aug 11 - Pic 2b

Aug 11 - Pic 2c

Plain radiograph of the mandible

Aug 11 - Pic 3